Though the use of 3D tour technology, viewings for both lettings and sales are made massively more efficient and offer a truly accurate perspective for the prospective applicants. This means a saving in time for the agent or individual marketing a property through the avoidance of unnecessary viewings, and enables tenants to review a property online at their leisure in order to make an informed decision.


In terms of construction, interactive 3D visuals are the perfect solution to market completed building projects to new prospective clients and investors. From a kitchen or bathroom installations, to an entire new-build complex, 3D tours offer an immersive and interactive experience giving a truly accurate representation of a space, even from the other side of the world.


3D tours provide a completely transparent way of viewing a holiday destination. With the ever growing popularity of private holiday rentals through sites such as Airbnb and HomeAway, more and more people are renting their homes out directly to individuals they have not shown around in person. These individuals are only able to view online in advance of their physically seeing the property, but with a 3D tour, holiday makers are able to make a completely informed choice of where they are going to be staying. They can even be provided a virtual induction to the destination through the guided tour function in the absence of on-site staff or hosts. With 3D tours, nothing is left to the imagination.


For social venues such as bars, pubs, restaurants, and clubs, online exposure is a key element to growth in popularity. For patrons of such places, being able to view in advance of a visit, particularly with regard to booking function rooms or tables at a restaurant, is essential. A 3D tour can provide perfect clarity when booking a special occasion, and eliminates the need to visit in person, especially useful if one is travelling from a distance or even to another country.


A 3D scan is an ideal way to capture the condition of a property before and after it is rented, commercial or private. Unlike a conventional inventory, with a 4K definition 3D scan of a property from all angles, nothing escapes it's capture. Further, through the guided tour function, specific areas of damage and discrepencies can easily be highlighted. With the level of comprehensive detail afforded by the 3D scan, nothing is in doubt for either owner or occupier.


For public spaces and facilites, from swimming pools to skate parks, a 3D tour can inform those travelling from distances about the space they are to visit. A 3D representation removes the need to visit a place in person before planning an outing and prevents the sometimes unwelcome surprise.


With museums and art galleries constantly changing their displays, 3D scans are the perfect way to capture forever the exhibitions that have passed, enabling those who have missed them to experience them again and again. With 4K definition, the displays and pieces are viewable in crystal clear clarity, anytime of the day.


For schools and universities, 3D tours offer the perfect solution to showcase the facilities they have to offer, For many, the school or university may be a long distance from where a prospective student may be. In some cases, students may be coming from abroad, and full transparency of the space they are looking at offers incredible advantages in choosing the right school or university, before arranging a physical viewing.